Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

I was at a loss as to what to do when i found Ambers website. she advised me and helped me with her psychic reading ability and I cant belive how different I feel now. the problem is resolved and I am so happy and grateful. thank you Amber. xx Love Carol. surrey

Amber psychic and tarot reader

Tarot cards are often shrouded in mystery and viewed as sinister or scary......for me they are a tool that helps me unfold a story.

Many people buy a tarot book and learn the meanings of the cards, studying each one until they memorize is meaning, they can then tell you “the ace of cups, that means….” But for me its not like that. I have studied many tarot card reading books and have always drawn something from each one, but for me the main aspect is the overall picture I get from each spread, I feel my link with spirit enables me to interpret the cards in a multitude of ways….firstly as individuals cards in the positions they present themselves in the spread, the same card can have different implications depending on where it falls……secondly the overall picture that the combination of cards creates, the possible combinations is endless when you consider the number of cards, the number of possible positions in the tarot card spread and the number of different spreads that I could use…….and thirdly the non tangible one and that is hard to explain but it’s a bit like a journey that takes place in my mind, it begins in the past and travels along a path that goes through the present and slowly reaches the crest of a hill (this point on the path is now!) and as I reach the crest of the hill I get to look over the top and down the other side and glimpse the future, here I can see more paths then the one I am on, sometimes one more and sometimes many, I can’t walk down these path because they represent the future and as a free sprit you have choices, it depends on these choices which  of these paths you will take, all I can do is advise you what I can see coming up upon the path of life. I hope that makes sense as sometimes as a tarot reader its hard for me to explain what I see in the cards, it’s a bit like describing the color orange to a blind person or a rainbow to someone who’s colour blind.

Another variable in my tarot card readings is my choice of tarot cards. Some people say you should stick to one deck of tarot cards, some even expand upon how you should have come by your deck but I don’t always agree with this.

My first deck of tarot cards were given to me as a gift and they were one of the more traditional decks, I was instantly drawn to them and the intricacy of the images…..if you have never look closely at the cards I can recommend it……every time you look you see a different element to the cards and this is part of their secret and ability to portray many many meanings. I now have a vast collection of decks and often find myself drawn to a particular tarot deck for what at first seems like no reason but it usually transpires that particular tarot deck as some imagery that uniquely fits the story that needs to be told. Overall I find tarot card readings can focus a message in a way that other readings may not….it gives it structure.

Many people ask if I’m a natural psychic...and yes, I suppose thats what most people would class me as..But I would say that at birth we all have abilities and gifts and psychic ability was one of mine, however what we do with these gifts is dependent on us and our parents nurturing. I was fortunate in so much as my grandmother actively encouraged me to “feel” more from my surroundings, listen to inner voices and not to question when I was offered guidance .

Later in life I realised that this “feeling” was me tuning in on a psychic level and the voices and guidance that seemed to come from out of the blue was in fact my guides. I made a conscious decision to expand my abilities through coaching and yes I was born with my psychic gift BUT I had to develop it. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been for 15 years both here where I live now on the sunny Isle of Wight, and also in Sussex where I lived for many years.