Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

I was at a loss as to what to do when i found Ambers website. she advised me and helped me with her psychic reading ability and I cant belive how different I feel now. the problem is resolved and I am so happy and grateful. thank you Amber. xx Love Carol. surrey

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I offer three psychic readings initially. The 2 question Psychic Tarot Reading which is £14.99 and the 4 question Psychic or Tarot reading, which is £25.99 this allows for more depth. These readings are completed quickly and will certainly be with you within 48 hours maximum.. And the Urgent Same Day reading which is £18.99. As the name suggests this reading is ideal for when you just cannot wait for your psychic answers. You WILL get this psychic reading the same day if ordered before 2pm monday to Friday, saturday by 12.30pm.

With all my psychic readings I can tune in and connect with energies on many levels to get an accurate overview of what surrounds you and affects your life and with the help of my guides I am able to see a clearer path forward for you.

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Ambers Urgent, Same Day Reading 2 question psychic or tarot reading
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Tarot readings

Tarot cards are often shrouded in mystery and viewed as sinister or scary......for me they are a tool that helps me unfold a story.

I use many tarot decks in my tarot readings, I know that some tarot readers proclaim that only the traditional tarot should be used but I think each of my decks has its place and I often find that I am drawn to a particular deck of tarot cards for reasons that I have learned not to question ,they say the first voice you hear is intuition but if you question then the second voice you hear is your imagination , so I trust my intuition. It is true that reading the tarot can be taught and I have myself studied tarot cards and reading techniques extensively but I do believe that for a tarot reading to be accurate then the reader has to have a connection with “other energies” and I feel my psychic abilities give me that edge as it allows me to connect with my guides and “read” the story that unfolds in the cards before me. I don’t believe that each card has a literal meaning and it is the whole picture that is presented from the spread that is important and that is where the skill of the tarot reader comes in because after all just as each individual event in your life affects the overall outcome so does each cards place in the spread affect the overall picture, each tarot card is related to the next and every spread is different.