Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

I was at a loss as to what to do when i found Ambers website. she advised me and helped me with her psychic reading ability and I cant belive how different I feel now. the problem is resolved and I am so happy and grateful. thank you Amber. xx Love Carol. surrey

Clients comments about my work

Gosh, do you know me? that was a great reading and its as if you got inside my head!Thanks Amber. love Katy. Surrey.

Another excellent reading. And yes please to the healing, it really helped last time.Nisha Birmingham..

Thank you so much, thats the 3rd reading i have had from you and its incredibly accurate again. Johnny. Wales.

How do you do that? i didnt even ask that question, but you answered it..Thank you, love from Martin. Portsmouth.

If you would like a genuine reading - then Amber can help you. Amber is an extremely accurate reader and she will not disappoint. Her words are delivered with careful thought and she offers valuable guidance and support. I am not easily impressed - but on this occasion I was! I also think I may have made a new friend.Thank you Amber! Jumana (North Wales)

thank you so much for helping me last night. it felt like the end of the world at the time, but your guidance really helped and the accuracy was amazing. Jane Sussex

Amber, i want to say thank you. What you have told me and advised me on has been so valuable. the insight is spot on. cheers Dom. Huddersfield

Excellent Reading, compassionate, true and down to earth. thank you love Preet. Birmingham

I was sceptical about whether Amber could really advise me, but I listened and she was right. I feel I have been guided here and I have also made a valued friend. Thanks Amber. Carol .D. Norfolk

Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

Thanks Amber, your support means so much. Lesley. Sussex

I was unsure at first, but a little insight was all i needed and Amber was right. My wife has now returned. thanks Amber. Jon. kent

Listen to Amber- You wont regret it! shes a kind and talented lady. Mark . Brighton

Thanks for all your help. it means a lot. Kerry. Isle of wight

That was an accurate reading, thank you. Its starting to happen already. Mary. Bridport.

Hi Amber, just want to say thanks again. Your support through this tricky time has been invaluable. As you quite rightly predicted my wife is now home. Cheers Amber. Mark Yorks

Thanks Amber, you were right, I did get the job, and its a massive pay increase. Thanks for the guidance. Alex.Kent

Another accurate reading, thank you. Im hoping we can soon concentrate on the other areas of my life as your guidance and support has been incredible. Julie Bristol

Thanks for helping at such short notice, and listening when i felt all was lost. Just the pick me up i needed and your predictions are very accurate and coming to pass already. Candy, Liverpool

Thanks amber, i was recommended by ******* and im so happy I was. The guidance has been really helpful and totally accurate. Glad i found you. Love Ash Bridport

You're always there for me, and im so appreciative of that. Hard to belive I've known you 10 years now. Seems like only yesterday, but the advice and readings have helped so much. Your spot on- thank you. Rav. middlesex