Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

I was at a loss as to what to do when i found Ambers website. she advised me and helped me with her psychic reading ability and I cant belive how different I feel now. the problem is resolved and I am so happy and grateful. thank you Amber. xx Love Carol. surrey

Amber Wight Psychic

Hi I’m Amber and welcome to my site dedicated to psychic readings online, tarot readings and relationship advice and guidance.I offer three psychic readings initially. The 2 question Psychic Tarot Reading which is £14.99 and the 4 question Psychic or Tarot reading, which is £25.99 this allows for more depth. All of my psychic readings are completed quickly and will certainly be with you within 48 hours maximum, I always strive to offer a speedy and reliable service. And the Urgent Same Day reading which is £18.99 is avilable monday to saturday when ordered before 3pm GMT. As the name suggests this reading is ideal for when you just cannot wait for your psychic answers. I am a full time psychic and also a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been for 15 years both here on the Isle of Wight and in Sussex too..

 I would like to tell you a little about the work I do and its probably best if I split it into the various areas, so here goes.. :-)

Psychic readings,

Many people ask if I’m a natural psychic...well I would say that at birth we all have abilities and gifts and psychic ability was one of mine, however what we do with these gifts is dependent on us and our parents nurturing. Many parents discourage any behaviour in children that may be sensitive to unseen energies (or invisible friends, something that many clairvoyants experience ), I was fortunate in so much as my grandmother actively encouraged me to “feel” more from my surroundings, listen to inner voices and not to question when I was offered guidance .

Later in life I realised that this “feeling” was me tuning in on a psychic level and the voices and guidance that seemed to come from out of the blue was in fact my spirit guides. I made a conscious decision to expand my abilities through coaching and yes I was born with my psychic gift BUT I had to develop it.

So with my online psychic readings I can tune in and connect with energies on many planes to get an accurate overview of what surrounds you and affects your life and with the help of my guides I am able to see a clearer path forward for you.


Tarot readings

Tarot cards are often shrouded in mystery and viewed as sinister or scary......for me they are a tool that helps me unfold a story.

I use many tarot decks in my tarot readings, I know that some tarot readers proclaim that only the traditional tarot should be used but I think each of my decks has its place and I often find that I am drawn to a particular deck of tarot cards for reasons that I have learned not to question ,they say the first voice you hear is intuition but if you question then the second voice you hear is your imagination , so I trust my intuition. It is true that reading the tarot can be taught and I have myself studied tarot cards and reading techniques extensively but I do believe that for a tarot reading to be accurate then the reader has to have a connection with “other energies” and I feel my psychic abilities give me that edge as it allows me to connect with my guides and “read” the story that unfolds in the cards before me. I don’t believe that each card has a literal meaning and it is the whole picture that is presented from the spread that is important and that is where the skill of the tarot reader comes in because after all just as each individual event in your life affects the overall outcome so does each cards place in the spread affect the overall picture, each tarot card is related to the next and every spread is different.



Relationship advice and guidance.

This is not as such a separate area but is more an extension of the psychic readings and tarot readings.

I have studied self help techniques, life coaching and healing techniques and I believe that for many people there is not one single answer to problems that occur in their life but more often the best guidance and advice comes from a combination of different things.

A reading will show me what’s going on in life but without taking this further it can be a bit like taking a car to the garage and the mechanic just telling you what’s wrong.....unless you have the abilities and the tools to correct the problem then at the end of the day the advice could be useless as you will still have a broken car.

I offer relationship advice and guidance to those that want or feel they need it (no you don’t have to have it just because you had a reading) this advice can be as a one off follow-up to what is shown to me during your psychic reading or tarot reading or as a part of an on going support pattern, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you have a reading with me I won’t, if you want, just tell you what I see and what may be wrong I can also offer practical advice on the way forward to a happy conclusion ...... a way to fix it not just what’s broken.

Whilst we are here it’s worth mentioning healing, I have a healing plan  that is can request it for yourself at any time and it is completely free, did I mention its free!!

So for now I have probably rambled on enough


I was sceptical about whether Amber could really advise me, but I listened and she was right. I feel I have been guided here and I have also made a valued friend. Thanks Amber. Carol .D. Norfolk