Thank you so much Amber, you really helped me to see things in a different light. We have talked and I think its all going to be ok now. Thank you, Sarah.  Wales.

I was at a loss as to what to do when i found Ambers website. she advised me and helped me with her psychic reading ability and I cant belive how different I feel now. the problem is resolved and I am so happy and grateful. thank you Amber. xx Love Carol. surrey

My ongoing support for you

I offer on going support to people as over the years it has come about that a lot of people will have a reading when they don't really need to book a new one, but they do this because they might need one small piece of information support or help. This means that they feel obliged to order again could possibly ask the same questions again, just to get to the nitty-gritty of what they should do say or how they should act etc.


For this reason I now offer on going support of people in between their readings if they have a situation that is unfolding and they are likely to need that help on an on going basis.


It doesn't mean that everyone has a reading has to keep in touch in between or needs to take me up on this offer, quite often people just need a reading to see where they are going in life, or to answer specific questions and it may not even be relating to the situation is still unfolding. So don't feel that if your situation is one that leaks into this support and assistance that my readings would not be suitable for you.


Quite often a reading will show you where you are going, the obstacles that are on your path, how someone else feels about you or a certain situation, or indeed give guidance for how to approach something or someone. How to interact or when to back off. There are endless possibilities here and reading can guide you with these things, unfortunately although guidance is very useful it doesn't actually change a situation. This is where the on going help comes into its own, as the small details quite often are the key to unlocking the bigger picture.


Please do not feel that you will ever be pressurised or contacted regarding extra work, readings or even support. But It is there if you ask for it.